Playing Poker Online

Playing poker online is a great way to experience the thrill of the game. You can play against friends or compete with other players. Many websites offer free poker apps for download to players who want to try the game without risking their own money. There are several types of poker games, including regular cash games and tournaments.

Most major sites are subject to rigorous testing to ensure that their software meets the highest standards. However, offshore sites are finding ways to circumvent UIGEA.

PokerStars offers players a wide range of games, from sit and gos to tournaments and even video poker. Their rewards program, known as PokerStars Rewards, allows players to earn chests based on how much they play. Some sites also offer a no-deposit bonus. These are usually in the form of a buy-in to a cash game or tournament.

The most common type of no-deposit bonus is the matched welcome bonus. This bonus is awarded in increments as you play, and may range from $500 to $1,000.

If you’re a casual player, you might prefer to play on a site that caters to new players. These sites offer a free cash game, or a small number of freerolls.

Bovada Poker has a great first deposit bonus that matches your money dollar for dollar up to $500. The site accepts credit cards and eChecks, or ACH transfers, from a bank account.

Aside from their standard games, they also offer an exciting Zone Poker game. Players can play two to three times more hands per hour than in regular cash games. They also offer a progressive jackpot.